daily ecotherapy

Daily eco therapy was a line from a video I just heard by Ralph Smart, but it’s something I have been practicing quite a bit lately.

Every day I make sure I get outside to the park and try to aim for at least 20 minutes a day.

There are a few things I like to do when I am there to really ramp up the level of eco therapy and really clear the mind but they will vary depending on how much I need it and how much time I have.

Some of the things I like to do to ramp it up is:

  • Take my shoes off and stand barefoot on the grass
  • Meditate outdoors or do some WHM breathing
  • Get some sunlight on exposed skin
  • Look up at the stars or moon (nighttime walks)
  • Look at the sun just before it sets or rises for the day (this is also called sungazing and there are countless articles on it) * make sure UV count is at 0 when doing this. I have an app on my phone to be sure – but usually in the first and last 40 minutes of sunrise or sunset the UV rating will be 0.
  • Look at the ocean and breathe in the ocean air (this is my personal favourite but not always practical if you don’t live near the ocean)
  • Walk in some woods (I’d love to do this more, but fairly limited options in my area without getting out for a bushwalk)

Now i’ve just gone on a long big list – I think the top few are fairly achievable to do daily and I can assure you that the payoff to how much better you feel just by incorporating that 20 minutes of ‘eco therapy’ into your day is considerable.


The creative outlet 

The Creative outlet

The creative push and pull.

I’m not happy unless I am engaged in a form of creative expression.

For me it’s a mix of theatre and acting, writing, singing, always singing and vocalising and playing guitar, even the piano sometimes.

All of these creative devices, crutches, outlets, are my little fire, my little piece of something to believe in.

It is when we are creating, that we can truly leave our heads. In the moments of deep expression, deep creativity, where something is just flowing through us and we don’t quite know what it is, or where it comes from, but we all experience it. The bursts of creativity. The insights. The brilliance.

We all are capable of it. Every one of us.

Do we recognise it?

Some more than others.

Do we channel it?

Some more than others.

But that creative push and pull, if we can honour that; if we can allow ourselves to explore and dive into it, allow it to open up and expand, we can begin to tap into something beyond ourselves, something deeper, something inspirational.

It is inspirational, because it comes from inspiration.

It comes from an inspired place. What is that place? Is it a message? Our innate being? Something else?

That is those moments, those moments of creativity.

So the creative outlet is really a journey of us, like a meditation, into the essence that exists beyond ourselves. The essence of all the collections of your experiences, now and from thousands of generations before you.

Find it.

Negative to Positive

Today I changed the bio on my Twitter account from ‘meaningless insights from down under’ to ‘meaningful insights from down under’.

This is a very small change. But it felt profound.

Can we consciously reprogram ourselves to change writing and by extension thought from expressing things in a negative manner to a more positive tone, or way of looking at things.

Apparently this is a simple neural pathway readjustment and takes a few weeks of training.

Let’s change how we communicate consciously and everything we share goes from negative, to positive.




You drive

Sometimes you want someone else to take the wheel of your life.

Things get hard and you think someone else would be better placed to navigate you through it.

The turns, the slippery corners amongst the treelined forest. You know the chicanes lie ahead. You know that there is a blind spot, a patch of oil, some gravel.

You know these things only when you’re caught up in them. In the thick of it.

It’s then that the wheels have started slipping out from under you, that you go ‘shit’ and try to grab the steering wheel with both hands and take control so you can steer through it.

You doubt yourself.

You have many a moment where your knees falter and your legs quake.

Your lip trembles as the shiver runs down your spine and makes the hair on your arms stand at end.

At that moment, you blink.


I got carried away, but my thought was – sometimes in life you want someone else to take the wheel. You kind of want someone to just take control of your life for a while and steer you in the direction you should go.

I say that because I have felt lost lately. When faced with all the possibilities

Take the wheel. Drive.

Believe in yourself

I always start with a catchy title because that usually frames what I am going to write next.

It’s usually the little spark of insight that hits me that gets me to open up the laptop and start to write my thoughts down on the paper.

Believe in yourself.

Such an overused and trite phrase. It makes seemingly meaningless something that should be a normal way of operating.

Self doubt I guess is the opposite.

Anxiety, is the opposite.

The world being so juiced up on anxiety, that believing in yourself, a phrase so often used quoted and omnipotent in self help bibles that it has lost all of its impact.

It’s the pleasures of instagram. The indulgence of visual. The fact we willingly allow our brain to be short circuited by images of beauty and envy so carefully crafted to illicit that very response, yet they are passed off like they are the casual representation of a normal aspirant. You too could be like this person if only you did x, y and z.

Today I came home feeling dejected.

I felt useless.

I felt like my experience in this world counted for nothing and that I could no longer compete, didn’t have the brain power, the intelligence, the charisma to pull off something as difficult as running my own business.

But the night goes on. And I feel a little better about things. I have let those feelings subside, had something to eat and gone for a walk and allowed my brain to take a break.

You’re never going to be all things to all people.

You’re never going to be Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio or Keanu Reeves.

Those people are those people. You are you.

Find what you’re good at and what you don’t hate doing. Find something you are naturally drawn to and that makes you talk excitedly.

Even Leonardo DiCaprio has shitty days, doubts himself and probably thinks what the hell, there are so many new, younger, better actors coming along, I’m a terrible actor, utterly useless and my time has passed, I literally need to give up now, fall in line and let life pass me bye until I fall off the spaceship.

So if Leonardo DiCaprio can feel like that, then we all can. You’ve got to believe in yourself.

Believe that something will happen. Believe that you will win that client.

You are smart. You will be successful.

Follow that instinct. If it doesn’t work out, so what, do something else.

The great saying, a ship is safe in the harbour but that’s not what ships are built for.

Believe in yourself




Look over the horizon

I often write about self doubt.

The longer we get into holding patterns, the more we allow self doubt to creep in.

The holding patterns can be due to no fault of our own. They can be due to external circumstances, someone is sick, the job market is changing, between contracts etc.

How do we stop the erosion of confidence and the erosion of self belief, in those times when things are ticking along and we are ready for the opportunity, but nothing seems to be appearing. We are standing on the horizon and looking over the desert. We can’t see the pool of crystal blue water just a few kilometres away.

Sometimes when we have no obvious opportunities, we can also get overwhelmed with the prospect of too many options. When we can’t narrow things down, we might see everything as an opportunity. I could do anything. Be anyone. Live anywhere. This is the paradox of choice.

Anyway, keep walking. Keep going down the road. Embrace the calm. It’s always the calm that precedes the storm.

Responding to job ads

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment. Waiting for the next contract. But it’s fine. I feel totally ok about it.

I have nothing to complain about. I’ve got some money saved and i’m pretty relaxed.

Life is pretty good.

I continue to strive for something, something more, something I don’t quite know what that something is, but I guess i’m getting a lot more relaxed about everything and my approach to life.

When you get older, you’ve had a lot of bumps along the way.

You take things with a grain of salt a bit more because you know that you have probably experienced this before and that all situations are temporary.

The dark times, the good times – they all come and go. When we are younger our emotions fluctuate more. We are experiencing new things so we are excited, our mind is open, we are not yet complete cynics, jaded by the realities of living in the system.

As I get older i’m becoming more stable. More sensible. All the things you’d expect with age. More wisdom. All things that come from experience.

If you keep on writing you will get into the writing pattern. The more you chip away at it, the easier it becomes.

Anyway, I have done some strange travels over the last year.

Fleeing to distant lands.

Love is the most powerful emotion on this planet.

It leads us to do stupid things against our better judgement.