Connect to source.

What are we doing when we are trying to create?

We sit here waiting for inspiration and when we get it, we need to capture it. We need to write what comes out. Why? Why are we doing this?

Maybe from the words pouring out maybe something good will come of it? Maybe it will help someone to discover their own voice. Maybe that’s what it’s about. We produce to inspire and continue the inspiration of humanity. We might not produce the book that leads the revolution, but we might influence the person that does write that book.
We might inspire the person who had the conversation with the woman who wrote the song. The man who held the brush, that painted the face that made somebody smile.

It’s not about living in the ego. It’s about living outside the ego. It’s about plugging into that deeper energy frequency. Connecting to source.
It’s about shaking off that etheric rust and moving into another mode of existence.
We must make the effort to frequently try and connect to source.
This is what gives us the power to realise that we are plugging into something much greater than ourselves.
We are simply conduits to help share the secrets of the universe.
What they are? I don’t know. But they are there.
The laws of the universe are written in the stars.

When we live in alignment, it allows us to connect far more deeply to source. It enables us to live beyond our ego. That is the important thing here.
It is our ego that we need to shed.
Align. Connect. Plug in to that greater frequency.

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