daily ecotherapy

Daily eco therapy was a line from a video I just heard by Ralph Smart, but it’s something I have been practicing quite a bit lately.

Every day I make sure I get outside to the park and try to aim for at least 20 minutes a day.

There are a few things I like to do when I am there to really ramp up the level of eco therapy and really clear the mind but they will vary depending on how much I need it and how much time I have.

Some of the things I like to do to ramp it up is:

  • Take my shoes off and stand barefoot on the grass
  • Meditate outdoors or do some WHM breathing
  • Get some sunlight on exposed skin
  • Look up at the stars or moon (nighttime walks)
  • Look at the sun just before it sets or rises for the day (this is also called sungazing and there are countless articles on it) * make sure UV count is at 0 when doing this. I have an app on my phone to be sure – but usually in the first and last 40 minutes of sunrise or sunset the UV rating will be 0.
  • Look at the ocean and breathe in the ocean air (this is my personal favourite but not always practical if you don’t live near the ocean)
  • Walk in some woods (I’d love to do this more, but fairly limited options in my area without getting out for a bushwalk)

Now i’ve just gone on a long big list – I think the top few are fairly achievable to do daily and I can assure you that the payoff to how much better you feel just by incorporating that 20 minutes of ‘eco therapy’ into your day is considerable.


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