Goodbye on a new moon

Update: 14-Jun 19

I wrote this as an expression of creativity to alleviate some of the dark feelings I was going through at the time.



Goodbye on a new moon

He hung himself in a hotel room in Prague.
The relentless turbulence of his mind got too much.
He didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and it had gone on long enough.
For nearly a year his emotions had fluctuated in extremes.
One minute he was doing one thing, the next something else.
He fled his job, his home and his country for a remedy at a better life.
What he found was more of the same.
Maybe it was worse.
Now there really was no distraction. Just foreign speaking strangers in an unfamiliar streetscape.

The only moments of humanity was the brief smile from the server as coffee was placed on the table. The only human connection. Everything else was isolation.
What did it matter?
Darkness carried, unbeknownst to others.
The saddest part was breaking his father’s heart.



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