If I gave you a million dollars

We can read books. Listen to podcasts. Take courses. But there comes a point in time where all the messages blur into one big grey mix of the same thing.

Find your purpose. Live in alignment. Live according to your values. Bla bla bla.

The messages come in and bounce off. Some of them stick. But very few turn into consistent action over time.

So why is that?

Fear? Fear of failure? Fear of making the wrong move? Fear of disappointing people? Fear of not keeping up with others?

Fear paralyses us into inaction and keeps us locked in the status quo.

Which leads me to the question, if I gave you a million dollars, would you still be doing what you’re doing?

Most people would say no. The very few, the lucky ones, would say hell yes, absolutely.

That’s the point then isn’t it? You would want to be in that place where if you did stumble across a fortune you say thanks a lot! This will really help me along my journey but I don’t need to change what i’m currently doing and start again. I am already on my path.

It’s probably why you find people in poorer rural communities often happier than those living in the western rat race. They aren’t competing with anyone else. They understand where they are and they know and appreciate the moments that make up life. Sure, they would love some more money to make things more comfortable for themselves and their family, but most of them know that if they had it, it wouldn’t really change how they feel about themselves or what they are doing in their life.

It reminds me of the Paulo Coelho story, the fisherman and the businessman. Or even the statistical correlation between money and happiness that lands it around $75,000 a year and beyond that the two no longer correlate.

Image result for happiness correlation with income


I think the learning would be to stop competing. Move out of operating and making decisions based from your ego self (impossible for 90% of people) and think about what does a meaningful life look like to you? Ask yourself, ‘Will I be happy if I’m still where I am today in 1-5-20 years?’

Don’t get distracted by the matrix world we live in. You don’t have to be a cog in the machine because if you are stuck in the rat race, regardless of winning or losing, in the end you’re still a rat.






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