Look over the horizon

I often write about self doubt.

The longer we get into holding patterns, the more we allow self doubt to creep in.

The holding patterns can be due to no fault of our own. They can be due to external circumstances, someone is sick, the job market is changing, between contracts etc.

How do we stop the erosion of confidence and the erosion of self belief, in those times when things are ticking along and we are ready for the opportunity, but nothing seems to be appearing. We are standing on the horizon and looking over the desert. We can’t see the pool of crystal blue water just a few kilometres away.

Sometimes when we have no obvious opportunities, we can also get overwhelmed with the prospect of too many options. When we can’t narrow things down, we might see everything as an opportunity. I could do anything. Be anyone. Live anywhere. This is the paradox of choice.

Anyway, keep walking. Keep going down the road. Embrace the calm. It’s always the calm that precedes the storm.

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