I’ve learnt a lot about mindset in the last year and how to acknowledge very normal feelings of anxiety, self doubt or depression.

The trick is to let them come and then let them go. We can’t indulge in those thought patterns.

I get hit by these thoughts like I am in a tough spot. That things are difficult. That I have destroyed my future or I don’t even have one.

Now, that is absolutely ridiculous.

We all have a myriad of future options that could look a million different ways.

What we focus on grows.

If we focus on our strengths, our competencies and our natural gifts, then we give ourselves a chance to accept, nourish and let them grow.

For the next week, make the effort t0 focus on the good things and don’t indulge in negative thinking patterns. It’s easy to follow the thoughts down that rabbit hole. If they do come and you find yourself getting into a bit of a spiral, acknowledge what you are doing, recognise it and stop yourself. Change your mindset.


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