Moving forward

We all get stuck in the past some times.

Certain times in life are harder than others due to a range of different reasons.

We might be feeling more stuck at work. There might be more financial pressure. Or we are having more difficulty in relationships.

There are always plenty of different reasons that arise in life that contribute to how we are feeling.

Emotion is energy in motion. If we have an energy blockage, or are trapped in a certain part of our life then sometimes that emotion can pool up inside us and we struggle to release it.

It can sit there for much longer than it needs to and that’s when it starts to create problems.

Often the answer is simply time. Time and the acceptance that things are the way they are right now but they won’t always be that way. Acceptance that things will change and they will get better.

You just need to work on the areas where you are feeling stuck, Start turning that ship around. Sometimes it’s really hard. Especially if you’ve been sailing that ship in the wrong direction for a long time. But the great news here is that once you make that effort to turn it around and you start heading in the right direction things will start getting better pretty quickly.

Life’s journey is like a cargo ship. Each piece of cargo is an excuse. A trapped emotion. A failure. The weight of the cargo ship getting heavier and heavier as we travel along. We will always be taking on more cargo regardless of what direction we are headed. That is just the cargo of life.

But the further off course we are and the more cargo we’ve taken on over time, the more effort is required to turn that ship around.

Just something to think about.

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