Pushing the boat out

I’ve been going through a spiritual awakening the last 6 months that has led me to create this blog as an outlet for some of the things that happen to me along my journey.

So far there have been a lot of changes and I am awakened to how far out of alignment my life has become.

The challenge for me at the moment is not to see this as wasted time but a new opportunity. Learning to leave the past as the past and open my heart and mind to the here and now, walking this new direction.

There are a lot of things pulling me back into my old life. A lot of fears, a lot of temptations, a lot of opportunities that are presenting themselves that are trying to keep me trapped in that old way of living. Which is where lies the challenge. Recognising and resisting those things popping up and saying no to them. Saying no to certainty and embracing a new direction. Embracing complete uncertainty even when you have doubts. When what you are about to do is only a vague plan littered with a series of questions.

It’s a scary thought. An intoxicating thought. And one that comes with a lot of risk. But why would I not take it?

After everything i’ve learnt I know that to continue along a path of certainty is to stagnate. If we are not growing we are dying.What is the point of a life lived out of alignment?

So then with that truth, I reaffirm my commitment. I reaffirm the plan to leave the status quo and forge off into a new direction. Forge ahead into a life lived in alignment with your values. A plan to embrace uncertainty and let everything unfold in it’s new direction. As it should.

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