The Boss

A man so consumed with work that he has lost the ability to connect with anyone at a human level.
He is all business.
Long since forgotten what it means to be a real person.
His identity is work. He doesn’t need to be a real person.
He doesn’t need to connect with anyone other than achieving the business goals. Quarterly profit. Revenue at all costs.

Does he ever stop to think why?
No. That childlike curiosity left him long ago.
Corporate conditioning has well and truly drilled out the mindset of questioning anything beyond the strategy direction.

If you need to know anything. Ask him. He will know. It’s all he thinks about.

If you want to know anything else. Don’t ask him. He knows nothing outside of work. This is his narrow focus. This is his world.
And what happens tomorrow if the business is gone?
What happens then?
What has he been building?
What is his legacy?

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