The creative outlet 

The Creative outlet

The creative push and pull.

I’m not happy unless I am engaged in a form of creative expression.

For me it’s a mix of theatre and acting, writing, singing, always singing and vocalising and playing guitar, even the piano sometimes.

All of these creative devices, crutches, outlets, are my little fire, my little piece of something to believe in.

It is when we are creating, that we can truly leave our heads. In the moments of deep expression, deep creativity, where something is just flowing through us and we don’t quite know what it is, or where it comes from, but we all experience it. The bursts of creativity. The insights. The brilliance.

We all are capable of it. Every one of us.

Do we recognise it?

Some more than others.

Do we channel it?

Some more than others.

But that creative push and pull, if we can honour that; if we can allow ourselves to explore and dive into it, allow it to open up and expand, we can begin to tap into something beyond ourselves, something deeper, something inspirational.

It is inspirational, because it comes from inspiration.

It comes from an inspired place. What is that place? Is it a message? Our innate being? Something else?

That is those moments, those moments of creativity.

So the creative outlet is really a journey of us, like a meditation, into the essence that exists beyond ourselves. The essence of all the collections of your experiences, now and from thousands of generations before you.

Find it.

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