The importance of edit.

The call to write and then the challenge to get started.

It’s that opening sentence that is the hardest.

Once you get past that and get into that flow state all of that junk just starts to pour out of your mind. Sometimes we just have to start right? It’s that self doubt and the thought that what you put down won’t be good enough.

It’s coherency that is often the challenge. The psychobabble might make sense as it comes out of your head, but when you read it back you realise that you’ve simply put a lot of words on a page about nothing at all.

We all have so many ideas with literally hundreds of categories and themes and tangents to go off into. The thing is, how do you make it tangible or logical for someone who isn’t you?

Therein lies the importance of the next step. The edit. The uncelebrated art of learning to pull it all together and make what we are writing coherent.

What we read is rarely a first draft.

What we hear is rarely a first take.

The message, the product, the beauty only becomes apparent in the edit.

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