The soul of the creative

Being a ‘creative’. What exactly does that mean?

Aren’t we all creative?

Aren’t we all capable of producing something innate, from our soul?

We all have this gift. Some people are just naturally more attuned to it and that’s how life is meant to be.

When we are all brought into this world as a gift of divine consciousness we are all destined to have different journeys, gifts and abilities.

A creative is someone comfortable to walk away from the mainstream and forge a path that resonates regardless of what others think.

Yet herein lies the turmoil of the creative soul.

The modern world is designed to make us all fit in. Globalisation has accelerated that trend as we evolve towards a homogenous identity of good consumers in the capitalist machine.

The creative soul is aware of this. The creative soul recognises the emptiness that exists in this system set up to keep us trapped. The creative soul craves something deeper, something more real, something human. They shun the perfect, the plastic, the prefabricated in a search of vulnerability. Railing against the 9 to 5.The best hours of our lives. Jailbirds in an urban prison of our own making.

The matrix is real…all we have is our innate self expression.

If you have that longing, embrace it. If you wake up every day and have a desire to create; if life feels like it’s missing something and at that moment you see possibility inĀ  the mundane, then it is your duty to help set us free. To free us from the matrix. Because it’s only those who exist outside the system. Those receiving these innate messages from source, who have the power to set us free.

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