You drive

Sometimes you want someone else to take the wheel of your life.

Things get hard and you think someone else would be better placed to navigate you through it.

The turns, the slippery corners amongst the treelined forest. You know the chicanes lie ahead. You know that there is a blind spot, a patch of oil, some gravel.

You know these things only when you’re caught up in them. In the thick of it.

It’s then that the wheels have started slipping out from under you, that you go ‘shit’ and try to grab the steering wheel with both hands and take control so you can steer through it.

You doubt yourself.

You have many a moment where your knees falter and your legs quake.

Your lip trembles as the shiver runs down your spine and makes the hair on your arms stand at end.

At that moment, you blink.


I got carried away, but my thought was – sometimes in life you want someone else to take the wheel. You kind of want someone to just take control of your life for a while and steer you in the direction you should go.

I say that because I have felt lost lately. When faced with all the possibilities

Take the wheel. Drive.

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